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Sassy Sacks for Trash, LLC

What are Sassy Sacks?
  • It's a trash bag with panache
  • It's a reusable office trash can liner
  • It's novel practical for host/hostess, or as a new home gift
  • A great diaper bin liner
  • Its is useful during travel, at home, or at the laundry mat
  • It's an easy gift wrap for large and oddly shaped gifts that don't fit into any box
  • A pleasant looking storage bag
How may we earn your business? 
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Call: 1 908 451 8110 
How will you use your Sassy Sacks?
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Contact us directly to place an order
Call: 1 (908) 451-8110    E-Mail:
You can be Green in style!
Colorful bags come in packs of 3, 6, 8 or 9 & are available in three lively designs:
Green leaves        *         Lavender Bouquet         *        Blue Spheres


And they're not just for trash
(these future friendly, strong, decorative bags can be used for so much more...!)

Taking out the garbage is a fact of life, and now i t can be done with style!
These eye-catching bags can be used to tote trash to the chute, dumpster, curb, or create a pleasant look at a party. They can be used as a laundry bag, to wrap an oversized gift, as a diaper bin liner and many more practical uses.
Perfect for home, boat, RV or dorm room and beyond. Sassy Sacks are biodegradable , making them more Eco-friendly than their bland counterparts.  While everyone wants to recycle as much as possible. The truth is that brown paper bags, can leak and tear, and most everyday trash liners do not have the strength of a Sassy Sack; and are not Eco-friendly like Sassy Sacks are.
These bags are much stronger than most other bags, have the equivalent strength of an industrial bag, and help your customers do their part for the environment every they are used!
Sassy Sacks fit standard 13-gallon/tall kitchen garbage cans and are a very reliable at 2.12 mil industrial strength. plus they look terrific on a kitchen drawer during parties or anywhere they are utilized. Sassy Sacks are a very attractive alternative to conventional trash bags!
Sassy Sacks is a superb product, and utilizing them offers the potential to revolutionize and improve the way in which we all function with our throwaways!
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