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Let’s go to New Orleans!

If you’ve been before, it’s time to return, if you’ve never been, now is the time to plan to do so! More than ever, we need something exciting to look forward to!

Offered by Roxan Contact information: (email) 908 451 8110 (mobile)

Trip details and inclusions:

3 Nights (4 days) at the stunning, Pontchartrain Hotel, located in the charming Garden District of New Orleans. The accommodations are nothing less than divine….

  • Flights from/to NJ/NY (If traveling from outside the NY/NJ areas, please let us know – we can arrange your flights.

  • Transfers to/from airport.

  • 1 Breakfast

  • 1 Cocktail party including scrumptious appetizers

  • 1 memorable charitable visit

  • Sightseeing – you’re sure to discover many new and interesting sites and be entertained while learning about the rich history of this unique city!

  • Ease of planning - all you have to do is decide to go and all the planning will be professionally and conveniently handled.

  • Fri, June 18, 2021 Flight to New Orleans. The moment you step off the plane it’ll be apparent that you re somewhere special - Transfer to the hotel. Later in the day, enjoy a complimentary cocktail party – welcoming you to a place where making unexpected, pleasant memories happens naturally, you’ll see… Cheers!

  • Sat, June 19, 2021 Gather for breakfast. Every meal is a party for the senses in this inviting town. Start your day very close to the Ponchatrain Hotel with good coffee, and choose from a myriad of unique, delicious breakfast menu items, - even a Bloody Mary…. Later in the morning get familiar with your surroundings, while enjoying a special excursion to see the sights of this interesting area. It’s a unique town for sure, and its splendor will no doubt unfold before you at every colorful turn. Where to gather for dinner tonight? (Maybe a quick ride out to for simple seafood dinner or appetizers glancing at the soothing water in the background….) And music is very much a key component here, make sure to plan on listening to some of the entire country’s best, original sounds.

  • Sun, June 20, 2021 After coffee, crafted with chicory a hearty breakfast simply ease in to this day with curiosity which likely has piqued from that which you have begun to discover so far. Charitable visit: A small part of today is devoted to going to one of several places in Louisiana that will benefit from your presence – you’ll donate a few hours of your time. Evening to enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes in a town that may ultimately become a second home.

  • Mon, June 21, 2021 Explore and discover independently today! Shopping, strolling, a ride on a street car, through the Garden District, Magazine Street, a museum, - …so much more. Be picked up 2 hours ahead of your domestic flight and be taken to the airport, enriched with magical memories….

  • _____ $999 per traveler single room/room to yourself (flights, room to yourself, inclusions per above info)

  • _____ $799 per traveler share a room (flights, shared room, inclusions per above info)

  • _____ $699 per traveler (ground arrangements only, having done your own air, inclusions per above info) (rev 12/20)

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