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Various Interesting Contacts
Road and Bridge Network
Joe Appleton
Joe Appleton

Experienced, talented musician, musical instrument instructor, magician.    Successfully entertaining adults with his special brand of music and magic for quite some time.  Book Joe for your events.

Bentley Personal Training
Bentley Personal Training

Personal Fitness Training At Your Home or Office    (888) 323 8677

Your certified, pre-screened, Personal Trainer will come to you, when it’s most convenient.   Customized plans, reasonable rates.   (In addition to the many excellent exercise specialists they send, Joseph Appleton happens to be one of the foremost!) 

Roxan's EBAY Items

Check out  RoxanSherry921 on popular Ebay.     Updated a few times a year with unique inventory, one might find classy sunglasses, quality watches and a great deal more. 

Jane Hoffman

As the creator of YogiScents, Jane enjoys helping those who are looking for natural alternatives to feeling better on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, and does so by expertly creating essential  oil products to fit her clients’ individual needs.

Professional Photography
Vin Jarrod

Noomlight Media brings you beautiful photography and videography for different occasions.  Enjoy viewing his work on their FaceBook page.  Vin also films documentaries, advertisements for businesses and shares local stories, believing that anything is possible!  Noomlght is headquartered in Australia.

Here's the Story
Joe Leo

Union County’s best Book Store (and their products are not limited to the immediate vicinity!)   

Joe will suggest, ship and more.   Click on their website, and read more about this charming shop.

Gregg Piecyhna
PC/Computer trouble shooting at it’s very best.  Their experts will solve your issues, and do most of the professional guidance and repairs remotely.  Don’t navigate your PC issues on your own.
Dina’s Yoga and Pilates
Dina Smodlaka
Expert, approachable Pilates and Yoga instructor, excellent for first timers, or the more experienced.  
All levels will surely benefit.
Incontra, Inc. / Santa Goodwill Tours
Since '91 Roxan has been associated with InConTra, Inc. in various capacities and maintains a close relationship with the very well regarded Goodwill Tours, the passengers and all that surrounds these special annual events from managing the office, to now, tour escorting some of the goodwill events abroad. Well known to most of the passengers, Roxan has lent an experienced hand to the pre trip communications, and to the on site logistics.    People from all over the US and Canada have been traveling each year to a choice of several fascinating destinations, and while abroad they do what Americans do best - they offer some of their time doing goodwill.  Simple visits to a home for the aged, hospital, orphanage, giving gifts and spending time with those who need their smiles make these trips memorable. The majority of the passengers have traveled on these tours again and again literally for decades - a sure testament to their splendor.   
Check out: and see where they are going this year - you'll be glad you did! 
1 (800) 338 7673

Please send us an E mail,  if you would like to have your info added to Networking

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